TI 260 underpants - khaki

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Detailed information

Product detailed description

The TI260 is one of the warmest materials from MOIRA. Together with the windproof top layer, it will keep you warm up to minus 40 °C. The well-thought-out construction of the three-layer knitwear can ensure perfect thermal insulation and at the same time quickly wicks away sweat. The skin touches a plush loop made of polypropylene microfiber, which removes moisture through the middle part to the upper, third side of Moira yarn. It can evaporate up to an unexpected amount of moisture. Between the loops directly on the skin, air cushions are created, which can retain heat even during lower physical activity. In addition, the TI260 is almost indestructible.

Additional parameters

Weight: 260 g/m²
Material: 100% polypropylen MOIRA – functional polypropylen fibers
Code: MT-TI260/UP