Welcome in our tactical store

We know what we have been doing for more than 30 years. We are changing the standards of functional clothing and moving them further and further. We keep looking for ways to keep polar explorers, athletes or soldiers dry and warm. Beyond the Arctic Circle, during sport performance or in demanding work, our clothes can handle any situation and will not disappoint under any circumstances. We know that being on duty, on reconnaissance or in combat is something else than a cross-country trip or cycling training. Therefore, MOIRA continues to work, even if you are sweaty, tired and sleepless, but still in the same operation. It works even if you can‘t change into a dry layer. MOIRA is ready to continue working even when other functional clothing is coming to an end. We know what we‘re doing. We are MOIRA.

The experience of millions of our customers proves that thermal comfort, comfortable design and overall user comfort significantly affects the users‘s performance. The right choice of such a fundamental item ,as is the first clothing layer, can play an essential part in staying alert, because only then you can fully focus on performing tactical operations instead of your discomfort or cold. Unlike the sport lines of our products, the products of MOIRA Tactical Line are specifically adapted to perform at any stage of tactical or combat operation. MOIRA Tactical Line drains away sweat in peak moments of the highest physical activity and afterwards maintains further thermal comfort without the need of being replaced. There is no need to have spare sets of functional layers and risk while changing when there is MOIRA functional clothing.